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Moments With Mercy - Interview with Jesse Hutch!

Hey y'all,
I'm so excited to share this interview with y'all!  Jesse is a very talented actor and I was so thrilled when he agreed to an interview!
First let me tell you a little bit about him and then well get started!
"Jesse Hutch is a Canadian-born film and television actor. He spends his time travelling between the USA and Canada. He worked on the television show American Dreams as Jimmy Riley, romantic interest of main character Meg Pryor. In 2007, he played a major character on the Sci-Fi Channel TV-movie Termination Point. Most recently, he had a recurring role in the second season of Arrow."

And now for the interview.

Interview: Can you tell us a little bit about you and your family
Jesse: I've been married for 8 years (my wife and I have been together for 9), with 3 children. I'm a husband, father, brother, stranger, friend, actor and director. That's kind of me in a nutshell.  I've been acting for 17 years, maybe 18? I'll do the math later :)

Interviewer: What started your interest in acting?
Jesse: I've always, always enjoyed movies. Ever since I was a little kid and saw my first movie.  I was hooked! The first movie I think I remember watching was The Hobbit. It was an animated version that came out in the '80s.  When I saw that I was like, "What is this? This is the coolest thing I've ever seen." Although, I didn't think I was going to be an actor. I never thought I would be a filmmaker of any sort! It never dawned on me.  I actually went to college for outdoor tourism and business, and was I a whitewater raft guide for about 5 years before I started acting.  So I thought I was just going to grow my beard out, live in the bush and go down the river everyday. :) But slowly I started to become more interested in it and started to pursue it more, and that's been quite the journey.

Interviewer: What is your favorite character that you've portrayed and why?
Jesse:  That's tough!  I have so many different characters and projects that I enjoy for different reasons.  I'd have to say that one of my favorite characters was Bryce. He was a war veteran that used to be a rodeo cowboy and became paralyzed from the waist down and in the episode that I did, I had to learn how to ride horses. So for me, that was both an honor and a challenge because I had to take time to learn, to honor people who are paralyzed from the waist down.  I had to figure out what kind of injury that was, learn how to ride horses, so to speak. I knew how to ride horses at that point but I had to learn how would you do it if you were paralyzed. So I actually got to meet with Canada's Olympic Gold Medalist at the time for para-dressage. I got to learn from her because she actually is paralyzed. So I learned about her injuries and how she deals with them and what muscles you're able to work in order to help you.  I'm just scratching at the surface, but that was one of the most challenging characters I've ever played because I drove a vehicle that was set up for individuals who have handicaps, I was in a wheelchair for all the episodes, and I rode horses. So it was just awesome to be able to explore that. And like I said, every character that I play, I want to do my best to honor the people I'm representing. Whether that's a sheriff, or an ex-Navy Seal, or a police officer, or a father, or a farmer. What can I bring to the role that would respect and honor those people that do that for a living everyday? And then here I am, an actor. Just sort of dropping in and playing this character for a short time, whether it be a couple weeks or months. Sometimes it weighs on my shoulders because I want to do a good job.

Interviewer: What do you like to do in your free time?
Jesse: Well, I have 3 children so free time is not a thing! I like watching movies, actually. It's one of my favorite things to do to this day. When I have a moment, I either watch movies with my kids or I'll go to a late, late show like the 12:30 pm show or an 11:00 show just because I can help get the kids to bed, my wife is tired, her and I have had some time to spend together, and then when they're all passed out I rip to the movie theater and watch a late movie.  I also still enjoy the outdoors, whitewater raft when I can, I enjoy taking the kids out on hikes.  I'm in the gym pretty much 5 days a week. I have to remain physical and stay on the move. :)

Interviewer: Have you ever visited the US and if so, what do you think are the biggest differences between here and Canada?
Jesse: I've actually lived in the United States. I used to live in Los Angeles, in Santa Monica, CA and Woodland Hills, CA. Santa Monica is definitely my favorite place.  I still have a lot of great friends there and I travel there as much as I can.  I do the back and forth and I work in both countries.  For example, last year I actually worked from the United States more than I did from Canada.  I enjoy to work wherever the work will take me.  However, Canada, Vancouver, BC, is definitely the place where we have a lot of friends, my home church is here, there's a lot of great reasons for us to keep coming back here.  The differences, though?  The amount of people.  The population is massive. I mean, no matter where you go in Canada there's no population that even comes close to having the same vibe and feeling as most cities in the United States.  Especially California. I mean, Los Angeles has more population than all of Canada. It's nuts. And yet Canada is a lot larger as far as land mass goes.

Interviewer: Wow, I didn't know that!
Jesse: Yeah, its pretty crazy.  When you go to California just the amount of vehicles and people so much more! You're like, "What? This is crazy!" :)

Interviewer:  What advice would you give a young person hoping to get into acting?
Jesse: A big one for me that I like to instill into anyone that wants to get into acting whether it's a child or an adult of any age is to really set your morals the best that you can.  Know what you will and will not do because this industry will push on those! No matter what you do, I believe that your morals are always pushed and pulled in different directions. So you have to know what to fight for and what to keep. I mean, anything from nudity to your language to your sexuality.  You need to know what you're comfortable with and why. And there's certain things I think that you cannot be flexible with, and you need to figure out what those are, and then there are certain morals that you can flex. Some things are not as serious. Let's say as an individual you don't like balloons and you'll never do a part with balloons in it.  Well, maybe you'll be offered a role one day where you're playing a clown and you have to walk out and hold balloons.  That's a very casual example but I'm trying to portray things that you might have to actually think about one day.  And also, be ready because there's things that you've never thought of.  And you have to realize some learning curves, you learn as you go, and other things you can put in place before you even arrive there, like nudity.  That's one you can decide early on.  Will you do this or that? You can say yes or no, and you can stick to that.  Some things maybe people learn along the way. Where they go, what I want to wear - a parka and snow pants for the rest of my career. You'll never see me in a bathing suit.  Just things like that.  I hope that makes sense. I know speaking about it can sometimes become longwinded.  You really need to do your best to set your morals and stick by them. And don't let someone persuade you into thinking that your career is more important than who you are as a person.

Interviewer: What is your favorite holiday food?
Jesse: I like pie no matter what the holiday is! That's a go-to for me.  I mean, doesn't even matter the kind of pie. :) Pie and ice cream? I'm there! Ice cream? I'm there!  Ice cream is probably my ultimate favorite.  If you've got ice cream, I'm probably going to have some.  But if you have pie and ice cream, I'm definitely having both. :)

Interviewer: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Jesse: For our family, it's actually going out and getting the Christmas tree.  We have a locally owned farm.  The people that own it are fantastic! Just the experience; we go out with our children and we just spend time together. I think that's why it's so special.  We're out looking for a tree but the whole time we're together and we're running around.  Whether there's snow or there isn't, we are having a good time, laughing and  hiding behind trees. That's become something that's really special to us as a family.  As all my kids grow older, we really enjoy that. That's one of our favorite traditions.  I mean, the reason we do it is faith-based. We do believe that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  That's important to us!  I'm not going to get into all the details of when His birthday really was and all that stuff but the fact is that Christmas is a time set aside for that in our hearts.  And so we really like to cherish people, each other, family, friends, the neighborhood.  There's a lot of people sometimes come Christmastime that don't have family around and if we can invite them in as well, that's something that I think is important to pass on to our children.  That Christmas is not a time to completely close yourself off and become separated from everyone around you, but rather it's a time to allow people in and cherish, whether it be a meal together or time spent. Christmas covers a wide gamut of just loving people. 

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little bit about your new movie coming out tomorrow?
Jesse:  Snowmance! It's going to be fun.  Its not heavy and serious, it's a romantic comedy.  So I hope people have fun because I had fun making it!  For me, it was very unique. It was different in the sense I actually play a snowman that comes to life. So not everyday I've gotten to play a snowman, I'll tell you that. :)  It's really cool! I think people will have fun with it. I had a lot of fun playing that character because the character isn't your typical love interest. My character is a love interest but he's also a matchmaker and he's also kind of the protagonist in a way. He does whatever is necessary to get other people to make good decisions.  So whether that's push their buttons and make them angry, or whether it's really lifting and move towards them in a way that they actually almost start falling for my character.  He's cool, he's a matchmaker who basically brings people together in a way.  But he's a snowman so there's a lot of comedic stuff that comes with it.  What would you do if you were a snowman and came to life? Are there tendencies that you would still have being a snowman?  Or are there things you would or would not do? I had a lot of fun deciding those things.  And the director was great with working with me on that! His name is Doug Mitchell.  The rest of the cast is fantastic!  You guys will laugh, there's some really good actors who pull out some really good drama and some really good comedy. 

Interviewer: Do you have any projects you're currently working on that you can tell us about?
Jesse: I just finished filming yesterday. I flew back, I was on location in central Canada filming a thriller.  So a completely different vibe of movie, and very intense! A lot happens, the whole script takes place over 4 days.  I play a sheriff in a small town and basically this character's high school sweetheart comes back into town and you're going to find out a lot of information within those 4 days that's going to throw these characters for a big loop and a whirlwind of emotion. It will be a while before that movie comes out. Probably summertime. I think it's called "Gone: My Daughter".

Readers, I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Jesse. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.   And Jesse, Thank you so much for doing this!


  1. Sounds like a great man! God bless him and his family!

  2. Wow what a nice guy and so handsome I just loved Autumn Moon he did with Jessy Schram

  3. It is good to know he is a man of faith. I loved him in both, Let it Snow and Autumn Moon. He is a great actor. Keep on doing a great job entertaining us Hallmarkies.

  4. I have seen Jesse in Let it Snow, several times, and Autumn Moon and the one with the Mowry twin, where she owns an antique shop. Loved them both in that one.
    So glad to read that Jesse is a Christian!!
    God Bless You and Yours Jessee!!

  5. A Very Vintage Christmas is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. Jeff was great in that with Tia Mowry-Hardrict. I also loved that it was primarily set in an antiques store and that their pursued solving a mystery together was part of the storyline.

  6. I won't lie.. His looks got me saying "Hes hot!" When I first saw him in the movie Gone: Finding my daughter. What I loved more than his handsomeness is how humble he was, understanding and loving. After reading this interview, I now know that I love and respect you Mr Hutch. A good man of God you are.


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