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Moments With Mercy - Interview with Ben Rosenbaum

Hey y'all, Ben has been a favorite of mine on When Calls The Heart since the very beginning and I was so thrilled when I reached out and  he agreed to an interview! Without further ado let me tell you a little bit about him. 

"Ben Rosenbaum is known for his work on For, Isabelle (2016), When Calls the Heart(2014) and Distance Makes (2012)."
And now for the interview!
Interviewer: What inspired you to start acting?
Ben: A trip to my local children's theatre when I was 6. I grew up in Minneapolis where there is a world class children's theatre, and I loved seeing plays there. The moment for me though was when my parents took me to a special performance that included a backstage tour following the show. Seeing behind the scenes was a magical experience to me, and I wanted to be a part of that side of things. I auditioned for the training program at the same theatre shortly thereafter, and I've been doing it ever since.

Interviewer: What is your favorite part of playing Hickam?
Ben: My favorite part about playing Hickam is getting to show up on set to work with the fantastic cast and crew of WCTH. It's honestly just a fun place to work, and I look forward to seeing my friends on set. About Hickam more specifically, I like living in his sweet and helpful energy.

Interviewer: What are the main differences between performing on stage and on screen?
Ben: I have a bit of a different response to this question every time I'm asked. Right now what sticks out to me is the rehearsal period (or the lack thereof for on camera work), and who delivers the final performance. When preparing for a stage production, you go through your trial and error process of discovery for weeks; It is only after playing with your fellow cast members and your director in the rehearsal room that you take that agreed upon performance out and live it in the moment for the audience each night. On camera (or at least for TV), you make most of your decisions as an actor alone before you get to set, and rehearsal is really just one run through for the crew to see how to set up their equipment to film it. You really only get the trial and error process while also giving the "final" performance in front of the camera (as many takes as the director requires) and finally the performance gets chopped up and put back together by the editor (along with several other post production folks) before it is shown to the audience on screens of all different sizes. So on stage the final performance is in the hands of the actors, whereas on screen the final performance is more in the hands of the editor, director, and others who put it together and distribute it.

Interviewer What do you like to do in your free time?
Ben: I like to stay active either in a gym or with running. I like to visit coffee shops and bakeries. I like to write, or to practice design, or something else creative. I like going to the movies. And I like to learn; usually a combination of current events and totally random subjects.

Interviewer: How did you get the part of Hickam on WCTH?
Ben: I got the opportunity to audition for the role in season 1, when Hickam was there to help out in Yost’s store. Hickam was/is a rarity as a young man native to Hope Valley/Coal Valley who did not disappear down the mine shaft. I approached the role with a sense of humor, and so I think the writers have had fun making use of him in town ever since.

Interviewer: Who is an actor/actress you would like to work with?
Ben: There are so many. I feel very lucky to work with all the actors on WCTH. The list beyond that is too long to share!

Interviewer: Who’s the prankster on the set of WCTH?
Ben: I don't know if I'd call anybody on our set a prankster, but I'd say Paul Greene definitely comes to mind. He's very mischievous on set, and he loves to play tricks on people. Kavan and Pascale keep me laughing constantly. And Martin Wood is a bit of a prankster when he's around to direct—he's very funny.

Interviewer: What are some of your favorite moments from filming WCTH?
Ben: Some of my favorite moments are when the whole town of Hope Valley is together on set. It's always really great to catch up with the actors I otherwise don't get to see that often. Friends are often made while waiting to be called to set in the green room.

Interviewer: What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?
Ben: Gathering on Christmas Eve with my family in Minnesota for a late church service and dinner (usually fondue). It feels very Norman Rockwell. Safe and warm.

Interviewer : Can you share anything with us about the upcoming WCTH Christmas movie?
Ben: All I can say is if you're out there reading this and you're not a #Heartie yet, it's time to hop on the band wagon. This will be funnier when you see the movie.

Ben, Thank you so much for doing this!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I love Ben as Hickam. He is such a sweet guy. Great interview.

  2. Hi Ben, I love Hickam as well. He needs a love interest this season. I had forgotten that you grew up in Minneapolis. I live there as well. You must be talking about the Guthrie and the Children's Theater. Would be neat if I actually had seen you there. I love their performances. Here's to a great season 5 and thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great interview, Mercy! Ben is definitely worthy of his loyal following, known as #HickamsHearties. He’s a great resident of HopeValley and an all around sweet guy!


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