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Interview With David Rives

Hey y'all, excited to be back sharing another interview!  Though I've never actually met David Rives our family enjoys "Creation In The 21st Century" (his weekly television show on TBN), as well as some of his other ministries.  So let me tell you a little bit about him, and then we'll get started!

"As president of David Rives Ministries, as well as a popular author, lecturer, and recording artist, David Rives has gained a reputation for his bold and unapologetic biblical worldview as he travels the world combining the wonders of science with the clear gospel message.“The Bible is true from beginning to end,” said Rives, in explaining his mission. “If you compromise on the very first verse of the Bible, then what next? Will we still believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised again? Everything comes into question when you begin questioning the very foundation of Scripture.”Each week Creation in the 21st Century features top scientists, stories, and discoveries that will enlighten, educate, and inspire as Rives takes viewers on an amazing journey through the grandeur of the universe. From deep space, to the amazing complexities of planet earth, to God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, each episode of this innovative show will challenge viewers to take a closer look at Scripture in light of the wonders of God’s creation."

        1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  "They say if you love your job, it's not really a job. Well, for me, every day is a new adventure. Not only do I get to travel the US speaking on Creation, origins science, Bible history, and more, but I get to travel the world doing research on those different issues. I host a weekly TV show on TBN called "Creation in the 21st Century" where I invite some of the most brilliant people in science - PhDs with credentials and accolades beyond our wildest aspirations - and I ask them any questions I want. Most of all, I love to point the conversation to the fact that we're emphatically NOT animals resulting from chance mutations, but that we do have purpose in life and are made in the image of God."

       2. Share your salvation testimony.
  "I grew up in a Christian home, and my family was always supportive of my hobbies and passions. I was saved at 6 years old and have never had the "crisis of faith" moment that many speak of. Sure, there have been questions along the way, but logically it has always been obvious to me (studying the scientific fields) that there is a Creator... especially given my unique field and opportunity to spend time with many of the brightest minds in the world. My journey through the Word of God has also shown that the answer to life’s greatest questions are all found in that Book."

       3. When did you first start developing an interest in the creation/evolution topic? 
  "When I was around 17 years old, I developed a passion for astronomy. I started using large telescopes to take "astrophotography" (photos of space), as I had seen from the Hubble Space Telescope. It took my breath away! I couldn't have imagined how beautiful the nebulae or how colorful the galaxies. It instantly brought to mind Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God”. At one point, I began working with large observatory-class telescopes and I began to ask myself, why is this only a “hobby”? Couldn’t I share what I was seeing with others, and use it as a teaching tool, even a witnessing tool? That’s when I began to realize just how much faith was placed on evolutionary theory. There is still a widely accepted theory in astronomy and astrophysics called the “Big Bang” which states that 14 billion years ago, the Universe rapidly expanded creating space-time with it. A pivotal moment for me was when I realized that the idea was NOT an origins theory. It spoke nothing of the origin of matter, and required magical “miracle events” to square it with what is actually observed. The more we learn about the cosmos, the harder it is to take evolutionary cosmology seriously – and the more it points to design."

       4. Where have you traveled outside the States?
   "Mercy, this is one of the areas where I’ve had a lot of opportunity. I’ve been able to research architecture and epigraphy in Greece, astronomy and Roman mythology in Italy, witness the majesty of the Alps in Switzerland, the beauty of Austria, the culture in the Netherlands, visit scholarly colleagues in Germany, swim on the beaches of the French Riviera, witness the Aurora in British Columbia, Canada, and dig up archaeological artifacts about a dozen times in the Holy Land, Israel. I’ve been incredibly blessed. On top of that, I’m leading a tour with my friend Buddy Davis to South Africa in 2018, where we’ll go on wildlife photography safaris, look at the stars in the Southern Hemisphere, all while staying at top Christian family resorts."

       5. Who are some of your favorite creationists that have influenced your life and or ministry?
  "I’ve had the honor of astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner writing the foreword to my first book, years ago, and since then he has become a great friend. On top of that, because of my TV show, I’m
acquainted with (or close friends with) pretty much everyone else in the fields of creation research."

       6. What is your favorite evidence to share that confirms or supports Biblical creation?
  "One of my current favorite topics is in the field of paleontology. After spending years digging up the bones of dinosaurs in Colorado and marine dragons in Kansas, and finding pieces of those giant creatures, I was recently offered the opportunity to host a brand new documentary called “Echoes of the Jurassic”. In that film, we look at some profound evidence. Some of the bones being dug up (by secularists and creationists alike) have the presence of soft tissue. What does that mean? Inside the dinosaur bones, we’re finding soft, stretchy material! Osteocytes, blood vessels, proteins, collagen, and more! If dinosaurs went extinct over 65 million years ago, this material inside them clearly wouldn’t have survived. But if the dinosaurs were buried in a catastrophic flood (such as a global deluge in Noah’s day), then they would have been quickly preserved – AND we might still expect some soft tissue in the center of the bones after a few thousand years. In other words, the Biblical model is the only one that makes sense given the new evidence!"

       7. What is one of the most unique arguments you've heard in support of the erroneous belief of evolution?
  "One of the most “unique” arguments in support of evolution (which I don’t hold to) is called “inflationary cosmology” which states that in the first few nanoseconds of a Big Bang, matter flies outward faster than the speed of light, before magically slowing to a very slow, mostly linear expansion of the universe. While there’s no mechanism known to physics that would cause this, nearly all atheistic cosmologists and astronomers BELIEVE it. They believe it by faith, because it is needed to salvage their Big Bang theory. To me, that’s a unique argument, because it is a supernatural, unobservable belief ardently held to by faith. Now, I challenge you to go look up Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of ‘religion’."

       8. What do you like to do in your free time?
  "Free time? I’m not familiar with the term, but will look that one up once I have the opportunity. But in all seriousness, I enjoy relaxing to a cup of coffee or espresso in the mornings. I enjoy occasionally riding my Harley Davidson, especially on a warm day or when the leaves begin to change during fall. God’s beautiful creation is all around us."

       9. Where do you call home?
  "Lewisburg, Tennessee. I’ve lived in the rolling hills South of Nashville for most of my life, and (when I’m home) enjoy being with the friendly people here. Not only that, but our ministry headquarters and offices are there, so it’s a great environment to work."

       10. Share a favorite story from your time since starting David Rives Ministries.
  "One of my favorite stories to tell shows God’s hand in each day of my life. After a film we produced made it to semi-finalist at the largest Christian Film Festival in the world, I was attending the awards ceremony in San Antonio, TX. There, I gave a complete stranger our promo DVD. Months later, I was contacted by this man, who “happened” to be a producer – and we “happened” to be neighbors in Tennessee. He asked me to host a feature-length documentary with a custom film score on hummingbirds called Refracted Glory. That “coincidental” (are you catching the irony in my voice yet?) journey through the filming process all the way up to the global premiere was incredible, and since then, the design of the hummingbird has been one of my signature talks. Did you know that a fully-grown hummer weighs only as much as a nickel in the palm of your hand? Even considering how tiny they are, they can still fly 34 mph, flap their wings at 80 times per second! …and they have a heartbeat of 1,200 bpm. They are God’s little wonder. Yet Jesus Christ reminded us that although God cares for the needs of each bird, we are much more valuable in His sight than those little creatures. He will provide."

       11.  Can you tell us a little bit about the Wonder Of Creation Center?
  "For a number of years we functioned in very confined areas. As our online CreationSuperstore is the largest origins store worldwide, our shipping room’s shelves were so packed that organization was nearly impossible. Our video studios were very small and had low ceilings which made lighting difficult. About a year and a half ago, we purchased and transitioned to a 12,000 sq. ft. facility with an open floor-plan which allowed me the opportunity to develop and design the space specifically as needed. The Wonders of Creation Center is located in Lewisburg, Tennessee, just a short drive from Nashville, and houses our offices, our Genesis Science Network studio A and B, a large event center where we have movie nights and put on special presentations, a large parking area where we host star-parties, letting the community look through our observatory-class telescopes, and we also have museum displays on dinosaurs, geology, astronomy, physics experiments, a prized Biblical Manuscripts exhibit, a fossil collection, and more. It’s pretty awesome, so come check it out! We’ve even got dinosaur bone workshops and an audio recording studio. Just make an appointment with our office, and we’ll give you a personal tour of the facility. If you visit Nashville, it’s so much more fulfilling than the Grand Ole Opry – unless our friend Jason Crabb happens to be singing there – then that’s pretty cool too."

David, thank you so much for doing this! Readers, I hope you enjoyed.  If you'd like to find a out a little bit more about David or keep up with his ministry you can check out his website or reach out on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!