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Interview with Buddy Davis : Singer, Songwriter, Creationist, Adventurer, Dinosaur Sculptor, and So Much More!

Hey y'all!

I was recently able to do an interview with Buddy Davis who is a...
"Singer, songwriter, adventurer, dinosaur sculptor, teacher for children's workshops..."

Wow!  We first found out about him on of the first times that we went to the Creation Museum. We have been to several of his workshops, concerts, and so on.....  Buddy is truly an inspiration, so without further ado here is the interview!

1. When did you get saved?
 I was saved and baptized on November 13, 1963. It was at the Church of Christ in Bladensburg, Ohio.

2. Tell us a little bit about you and your family.
I was the only child in my family. My Mom was a homemaker and my Dad worked in the oil fields. We always lived in the country and I grew up around farm animals. In the summers I worked in the hay fields and helped my Dad in the oil fields. Kay and I have been married for 42 years this year. We have one daughter, Lydia, who is a writer. We have written two books together. One is "Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl" and the other is "Cool Critters of the Ice Age".

3. What is one of your favorite songs that you've written?
I have written over 500 songs and have recorded about 20 CD's. I play around 8 different instruments and have recorded one instrumental CD of some of the old gospel favorites. One of my favorite songs that I have written would be "Soar". This song has been used at hospitals and funerals as an encouragement to families going thru difficulties.

4. What is your favorite Bible verse?
My favorite Bible verse would be John 3:16. I often quote I Peter 3:15 as well.

5. How do you come up with the inspiration to write your songs?
I believe God gives me the songs. I do most of my writing in the evening. Sometimes I write about life in general and many times scripture verses will inspire me to write about a certain subject.

6. I know you sculpt most of the dinosaurs at the Creation Museum, how did you get started in sculpting?
 I got started in sculpturing about 30 years ago. Prior to that time, I did taxidermy work for a living. Taxidermy taught me animal anatomy and expression and I carried that on thru to my sculpturing.

7. Did you ever believe in evolution? If so what changed your mind?
This shows you how long we have been "fans" of Buddy.  
 When I first started sculpturing dinosaurs, I believed in evolution and in millions of years even though I was saved. An insurance salesman visited me and was looking at some of the dinosaur models that I was working on. I was telling him about dinosaurs with an evolutionary view. He sent me some literature on creation that changed my life. Now I speak on creation regularly throughout the country.

8. What has been one of your favorite finds on a dig?
Every year or two, I take a group of people out to Montana on a real dinosaur dig. We spend about 5 days in the Badlands. I have helped uncover fossils of Triceratops, parts of T Rex, some hadrosaurs, raptors, etc. Probably my favorite find would be in Alaska when we uncovered dinosaur bones that appeared to be unfossilized. 

9. Tell us a little bit bout your dogs.
I have loved dogs all my life and currently have four. I have one yellow lab named Bo, two English Setters named Cricket and Zoey, and a dog we rescued named Liberty. We are writing a book on how Liberty was rescued.

10. How often are you on the road? Does your wife travel with you often?
I spend about half my time away from home or maybe a little more. We do a lot of traveling. In the summer months, I spend about 3 weeks out of the month at the Creation Museum. My wife, Kay, travels with me and takes care of all the business, correspondence and arrangements for the trips.

Buddy, thank you so much for doing the interview!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed! If you'd like to find out more about Buddy Davis go check out his Facebook page, you can also check if he'll be at the Creation Museum when you there!
Talk to y'all later.